God is the Center
We exist to love, worship, and obey God. He is our maker and redeemer. He is worthy of our lives and our trust. We strive to understand and obey the Lord’s will for our individual and corporate life. We desire to keep growing with God so we will impact our ever-changing culture with the never changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

People are Valuable
Human souls are the only eternal entities on earth. A congregation must find its ultimate purpose in rescuing souls through the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them become fully devoted, reproducing followers of Christ.

Biblical World View
We embrace the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, as God’s revealed, in-errant inspired Word. We are committed to the Scriptures and rely on them for doctrine, guidance, and authority in all areas of life.

Prayer is Essential
Prayer under-girds and empowers everything in God’s Kingdom. All-natural victories are first won in the spiritual realm through prayer. Our congregation has a mandate and a mantel for intercession.

Body of Christ is One
Unity and cooperation with other local congregations and ministries in our area is a high priority. We believe God gives unique calls to local congregations but reaches the world through His one, united Church. There is really only one Church in San Antonio and we are a part of it.

All Children are Precious Gifts
We believe human life is a precious gift from God and that God works effectively through children as well as adults. Our children are nurtured, loved, supported, and encouraged to grow in their God-given gifts and released into ministry. Parents are supported and encouraged in their God-given responsibility to train up their children in the way they should go.

Marriage was Instituted by God
It is designed by God to be the relationship between one man and one woman and is to be held in honor by all.

The Supernatural is Natural
We believe that gifts of the Holy Spirit, miracles, healings, signs and wonders are normal and instrumental in the establishment of God’s Kingdom. God manifests these works through His people to confirm the truth of His Word and to draw people to Himself.

We are to express the Heart of God
We believe that Christians are called to care for the poor and the needy in their community with compassion and mercy. We are also committed to ongoing involvement in the ministry of reconciliation.